Bonk Memes and Merchandise

Bonk Memes and Merchandise

A meme is an idea spread through social media platforms, often accompanied by humor. Content creators usually use people, objects, animals, and anything that can carry information to engage users casually as memes. Unfortunately, most memes are short-lived as new derivatives quickly enter and exit social platforms.

As memes slowly captured the hearts of lighthearted folks, a new line of memes developed with a bonk meme being the most used meme. These memes are characterized by getting hit on the head by hummers, bats, or anything heavy that produce a "bonk" sound effect during the action. However, in this case, the original culprit is a Japanese Shiba Inu dog. It appears in many images "carrying' a bat and dropping it on other dogs, anime characters, or people. The dog has also appeared in thousands of other memes thanks to the popularization of bonk.

Origin of Bonk Memes

An Instagram content creator pushed Bonk memes to the limelight in the latter half of 2019. On July 13th, 2019, Instagram page Snootboopes featured a video of two Shiba Inu dogs with one humorously holding a hammer accompanied by a "bonk" sound effect. Of course, everything on the video was edited to personify the dogs.

The video had amassed over 5k likes and 38.6k views within seven months. The launch was successful, considering that it was a new product in the market.

One week later, on July 21st, one Twitter user (@omfuze) tweeted the original video. In a little over four months, the video had 2M+ views, 5.6k retweets, and 20.5k likes.

Bonk memes have been trending on YouTube too. A video posted by Freememeskids featuring the dogs gathered over 4.1M views in a few months.

From Memes to Money

Bonks memes attracted video game creators and merchandised designers following sudden ascension to fame. There are so many games with bonk memes' royalty-free sound and bonk characters. Some of them are mere recreations while others are inspired by bonks but not exactly alike.

On the other hand, opportunistic merchandise designers are working on t-shirts, hoods, and sweatshirts imprinted with bonk memes characters. Due to the popularization of bonk memes, these once-in-lifetime outfits are selling out very quickly. So, grab your piece today at AliExpress for less than $10.

Inspiring other Memes

While bonk meme itself was a hit, a quick succession of other memes followed. One of the most notable memes that quickly followed is the 'Go to Horny Jail' meme. 'Go to Horny Jail' is slang originating from iFunny. It is a bonk meme recreation with the phrase 'Go to Horney Jail' added with the "bonk" soundtrack. This meme is a show-stopper, and you wont miss it on social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Memes began as simple messages but now, they are relaxing and entertaining texts. Creators have advanced even further to come up with merchandised at affordable costs. To get your T-shirt or any other outfit printed with bonk memes please visit AliExpress. Don’t forget to stay connected for more information.