Everything You Need to Know About Squishies and Its Safety

Everything You Need to Know About Squishies and Its Safety

Squishies is a toy specifically made to relieve both young and old of stress. All you have to do is to squeeze the ball and watch it return to its original shape. It's a toy that has caught the interest of kids and has increased its popularity. Also known as Kawaii squishies, the toy originated from Japan, where Kawaii means cute. Initially, it was simply a foam you squeeze to relieve yourself of stress. But because of innovation across the world, there are now different shapes and types of squishies. 

Today, squishies now come with complementary scents to align with their shape and need. For instance, if you have a squishy toy made out of chocolate, the toy will give off a chocolate scent when you squish it. Also, some squishies depict anime characters, animals, food, donuts amidst a lot of other creative items. 

Are Squishies Safe?

Absolutely, squishies are safe toys! The reason why many agencies have some reservations against the safety of squishies is its primary manufacturing material. The main material used to make squishies is polyurethane. Polyurethane is a rubber-like material that was first produced by a German innovator, Otto Bayer. The first existence of polyurethane dates back to 1937, and it was used for the coatings of an airplane. Now, polyurethane is used mainly in cars globally. 

Polyurethane is a material made by man, and since it's a polymer, it can be a dangerous material. For this reason, and through thorough research, the US EPA concluded that exposure to polyurethane over a long period could cause a host of illnesses. Likewise, the Denmark EPA also carried out a research, specifically on squishies, and found out relatively the same thing. In a study of twelve squishies, they found it dangerous because of long-term exposure to polyurethane. 

Now, another research has confirmed that the amount of toxicity you can get from squishy toys is minimal. As we mentioned earlier, polyurethane, the same material used to make squishies, is still found in some cars and airplanes to date. Would you say entering a vehicle is dangerous? The answer can't be No. The best thing to do is to learn how to get safe with squishies. 

How to Stay Safe with Squishies

Squishies are made with a synthetic polymer, and as such, may pose some danger. But with some safety precautions, a squishies toy is not more than an ordinary toy. Here's how to keep your squishies safe;

Put Away from Mouth

As much as possible, a squishies toy needs to be kept away from the mouth. This is one reason why you need to keep an eye on your kids while they play with squishies. Also, we'll strongly recommend that you don't buy a food-looking squishy toy for a young kid. 

Put Away from Heat

We all want to try things now and then out of curiosity. But boiling a squishies toy isn't one of the things you should do. By boiling it, the gases emitting from the toy are dangerous to be inhaled. 

Ventilation Before Use

Before you use a squishies toy, ensure you dry the squishies toy under natural conditions. That way, most of the toxic substances will be emitted, and the squishies toy wouldn't have a heavy smell. 


Although there are a lot of reports about squishies being unsafe. However, a squishy toy can be harmless if you follow the safety precautions discussed above.