How To Determine The Best PSI For Your Pressure Washer

How To Determine The Best PSI For Your Pressure Washer

The pounds per square inch (PSI) rating of your pressure washer is a unit that indicates the amount of pressure that is associated with the water leaving the washer. It describes the force of water directed towards the dirty surface you are cleaning with the pressure washer and indicates how effective the washer will remove stains. The rating is also associated with the gallons per minute (GPM) rating, which is associated with the amount of water that will leave the spray nozzle wand. Different PSI rating ranges determine the type of pressure washer you should buy depending on your needs.

1. Low PSI rating

Pressure washers with a rating of up to 2000 are considered in this category, and you can buy them when you have light-duty cleaning needs to accomplish. The pressure washers within this PSI range are suitable for domestic use where you use them at home because you do not need a lot of cleaning power to deal with the type of stains that occur in your homestead.

Generally, machines with PSI below 1000 are suitable for functions such as cleaning your vehicle’s windscreen and outdoor furniture, which do not have tough stains but loose particles of dirt that are easily removable. Machines with PSI of up to 2000 are effective for domestic cleaning purposes that need higher power, such as cleaning the driveway and garage where stubborn grease and oil patches are found. Such patches need enough water pressure to remove.

2. Moderate PSI rating

Machines with a PSI rating of between 2000 and 3000 are classified in this category and useful when you have moderate power cleaning requirements. These machines are best suited for commercial services where you have a pressure washing business whose services are hired by customers. The pressure washers classified here are good for removing moderate stains, which can be found on surfaces such as swimming pool walls and floors, concrete surfaces, and heavy-duty automotive, which are cleaned in car wash facilities. Most machines are powered by gas since electric washers are problematic in such spaces.

3. High PSI rating

Pressure washers in this category have PSI ratings above 3000 and are found in heavy commercial settings where a lot of cleaning power is required to break the bond between tough stains and the respective surfaces to be cleaned. The machines are used for cleaning heavy industrial and agricultural sector machinery, which have stains that include paints and thick layers of grease. The cleaning power of pressure washers in this category is high enough to remove paint from metallic components of the machinery. They are powered by diesel and have smoke and sound emissions that are only suitable when you need them for their industrial application.

Last thoughts

The three categories above provide a guideline to help you identify the best PSI of the pressure washer you wish to get. It is important to understand GPM specifications to get the ideal machine.