How to Spice Up Charm of Your Body Wave Wig

Many girls like long hair body wave wigs as it looks super stylish and makes your persona very attractive. If you want to become a showstopper at a party, getting this specific wig is a great idea. However, once you wear it to a few parties, then you are always on the hunt for some ways to spice up its charm even more. If that’s what you are wondering about, it’s time to explore ways to achieve this goal effortlessly.

Add Gradient Look

When adding a gradient effect to your wave, you need to pay attention to your natural hair color. You have two suitable styles to choose from. You can go as bold as you want with an ombre. For example, you can make a bold red contrast with your blonde hair. Another color contrast to try is to try burgundy with your brown hair.

Another style to adopt  for body wave wig is balayage. Many top celebrities prefer balayage over ombre because the former looks decent and blends beautifully with routine. If you are planning for a party hairstyle, you should consider getting an ombre; because it offers a distinctive appeal. However, when it comes to adding natural appeal with a bit of charm, balayage is what you should achieve.

Getting Highlights

Another way to spice up the beauty of your body wave wig is to set some highlight strands. You can contrast or get a family shade highlight. Both work great. However, the good idea is to check the fashion magazine and see what a model is getting and follow her.

Apply Hair Cream

There is no harm in setting it all up. In other words, you can apply some non-sticky styling cream and serum to add a bit of definition to your overall body wave wig. Although you can go with this idea, you also need to clean it up once you are done with a party. You can’t leave your wig with cream overnight as it will become a magnet for dust.

Try Heatless Styling

When you have a perfectly set wavy wig, you can’t ruin its beauty by using iron or a straightener. It would be best if you did something different regarding its overall styling. So, try heatless styling. You can twist your wave at night and then secure it with ribbons. Cover them with a scarf over time, and in the morning, you can have very loose but bouncy curls. This heatless styling won’t damage your wave and will help you restore its original look without doing much.

Complete hair Dye

Another idea to spice up the look of your body wave wig is to change its color completely. If you are into fancy hair color but can’t risk your natural hair for it, certainly changing its full color is what you need to do to have a magnificent look. As you want to look different, try using a unique color that doesn’t match your natural color, such as going blonde when you are brunette.