How to wash a highlighted wig?

As everyone knows, highlight wigs can make you look better and give you more confidence and charm. A highlight wig is known for low maintenance, but you should look after it. Nothing is more disappointing than when dyed hair loses its vibrancy too quickly.

Knowing how to properly care for the hair in your highlight wig will ensure that it lasts as long as possible and maintains its pristine appearance.

How do you wash a highlighted wig at home?

Following are the steps to wash a highlighted wig at home.

Step 1: Comb your hair carefully to undo any knots

First, you may prevent your hair from breaking and shedding by carefully brushing the highlight lace front wig from the bottom up with a comb or your fingertips to detangle every knot.

Step 2: Have enough warm water ready ahead of time.

Instead of using hot water to wash the highlight wig from its roots to its tips, you should have lukewarm water ready. This is because the cuticle layer protecting your hair colour is lifted when you wash it in hot water. Moreover, it will cause your hair’s fibres to swell, leading to dryness. However, shampoo and conditioner can better clean the hair if the water is warm.

Step 3: Use shampoo on highlighted hair

When your hair is completely soaked, pour enough sulphate-free shampoo into your palms and rub it gently to soften the substance. Use a gentle, downward massaging to work the shampoo through wet hair. The wig cap should be shampooed by massaging the shampoo in circular motions.

Step 4: Wash off the shampoo with warm water

Ensure all the shampoo is removed by rinsing the wig in lukewarm water from its roots to its ends. You can also eliminate extra hair water by squeezing the strands. Avoid wringing the hair out because doing so can lead to knots.

Step 5: Use conditioner on the highlight wig

After squeezing out the excess water, apply conditioner to your highlight wig and allow it to sit before rinsing. Avoid getting conditioner in the knots of your wig’s ends since this could lead to more shedding.

Step 6: Give the wig’s conditioner a cold water rinse.

Then, after applying conditioner to the highlight wig, you should rinse it off with cold water to seal in the conditioner’s moisture and the cuticle, preventing the hair colour from fading and adding shine. When rinsing out the conditioner, compress the strands to eliminate any remaining water.

Step 7: Dab the highlight wig dry to remove excess water.

To dry the highlight wig, place it on a towel and, moving from the roots outwards, blot and squeeze a portion of hair with your towel. Repeat the process with the next piece of hair until the hair is damp but not dripping.

Step 8: Dry the highlight wig with a blow dryer

When you’re done washing, rinsing, and conditioning your wig, lay it flat on your foldable wig strand, define the part, and let it dry naturally. Protect your hair from the blow dryer’s heat if you must use one. Because using a hair dryer will cause your hair to dry out and fade faster.